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Paqua was founded with a clear goal in mind: to develop a sustainable water purification system that avoids the typical chlorine-based solutions by using zero-carbon filtration and low energy systems.

We knew our solution had to not only be sustainable, but also reliable, low-maintenance, and meeting the highest of safety standards. At Paqua, our approach has always been to think creatively and to problem solve.

This together with our passion for the accessibility of fresh, safe drinking water is what motivates us every day, and is what has led to our development of PaquaVida Water Purification Systems.

Our approach has always been to think creatively and problem solve. We are passionate about the accessibility of wholesome drinking water that doesn’t cost the earth and this is what motivates us every day and what has led to our development of Oasis Water Purification systems.

Simon Escott

Managing Director

Simon is the Director of Paqua. He is a visionary leader who nurtures a can-do culture and is always encouraging and enabling innovation. 

Nicholas Scott

Technical Manager

Nick’s early experience lies in the world of Military Aeronautics. After serving in the British Army, he re-joined the civilian world working at an international corporate blue chip computer company managing a variety of technical programmes. Combining these two branches of his career, he now leads the Technical Development and Operational Management at Paqua. 

Gary Driscoll

Manufacturing Manager

Gary has over 43 years of experience as an engineer. As Manufacturing Manager,  Gary knows exactly how to turn an idea into a plan, and a plan into reality. 

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  • Proven to EU Drinking Water Directive 98/83
  • Highly effective against source water contaminants
  • Very high drinking water yield
  • Researched with UWE

Great Value

  • Low-cost, safe, easily sourced consumables
  • Low power requirements
  • Low maintenance and simple to operate
  • Available to buy or lease


  • Self-contained modular units
  • Remote monitoring
  • Fits in ISO containers or existing infrastructure
  • Easy to use and maintain by local people
  • Continually monitors water quality
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • No harsh chemicals needed
  • Self-cleaning
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